Camo OOTD 2

Camo OOTD 3I’ve been obsessed with camo since I was a kid.  When I’d go to Lufkin to visit my Dad I’d sneak off on my bike to the Army/Navy Surplus and not come back for hours. (If you’re from East Texas you know the one on Timberland, don’t front haha)

I stopped by the store on a visit about 3 years ago and found this sleeveless Woodland BDU shirt.  I had no clue what to do with it but for $5 I figured I’d “need” it some day.  Well that day has arrived, I decided to throw it over a tee shirt, nothing fancy.

So wherever you’re at, don’t sleep on your local Army/Navy Surplus store.  If you’re into camo, you’d be surprised at what you can find.  And I sincerely apologize to any Military personnel that takes offense to me wearing military gear for fashion purposes.  I mean no harm.

Everyone have a great weekend and keep living!!!   – Bob


Fedora | Target

Camo Vest | Army Surplus Store

Tee | American Apparel

Chinos | H&M

Loafers | Kenneth Cole

Sunglasses | American Optical

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