A few weeks back I was at The Grove and the Nike Killshots were on display at the J.Crew store.  It was………. love at first sight…. I “had” to have them.  We only live once….. Right?

I’ll be wearing these all Spring/Summer and the next few blog posts will be dedicated to the different ways I prefer to style sneakers.


I found the blazer and slacks for 50 and 30 dollars respectively. (SCORE!)  Honestly I was on the fence with the chinos because of the higher waist rise, I prefer low rise pants.  I couldn’t resist the checked pattern and the price though so I caved.

Since the dots and checks are clashing, I opted for a white shirt and pocket square to tone things down. (Fresh, crisp, white dress shirts are my favorite.)  This chambray tie has caused me countless headaches and made me late on several occasions, I can never manage to tie it to where it falls to the perfect length.  The Fashion Gods were with me today because I finally got it right and I’ll never untie this one again.  EVER.(I’m so petty, I swear! lol)

And of course I kept if casual with the beforementioned Killshots!




Feel free to comment whether you hate it, like it, or what you would have done differently.   -Bob


Blazer | Forever XXI

Shirt | JCP

Tie and Pocket Square | The Tie Bar

Chinos | H&M

Shoes | Nike

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