I forgot how Bi-Polar Texas weather can be but I admit this cold, rainy Friday is a welcomed change of pace from the Los Angeles sunshine.  I don’t own a true winter coat so I’m lucky to have packed a puffer vest to layer for warmth.  I know I look a little bummy but I prefer to dress down to Christmas shop.  Espeeeeeecially if I will be accompanied by a woman.  You end up carryying ALL the bags, you walk miles to compare prices and return items to another store that has said item for .87 cents cheaper…. Wait…..  I guess I should stop here right? Laaaaadies, I’m joking, I’m just jooooking, you all know you’re not “that” bad. *cough, cough*

In all seriousness, hopefully the dreary weather will discourage the shopping crazies this evening.  Shorter lines for me.  Happy Holidays folks! –  Bobby





Puffer Vest | Merona for Target

Hoodie | Woodville High School

Joggers | American Eagle

Hat | eBay

Shoes | New Balance

Watch | Casio

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