Yooooooooo I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already!  I’m off to get this last day of Christmas shopping out the way, my Mom needs a new TV stand.(Love ya Mother!) 😉

I’m still trying to mix and match over here but I’m running out of options so don’t judge me when you start seeing repeats! 🙂  Currently I can’t decide between the cardigan or the denim jacket.  Which do you like best?





I’ll be honest.  If it were going to be a long day I’d start off wearing one and have the other in the car to switch into at some point.  Before you judge, let me explain my rationale.  You know how sometimes you have work and then you’re going to meet friends for dinner or happy hour afterwards?  But you won’t have time to go home to shower and change?  Situations like that I like to bring an extra “something” with me so I can switch it up.  And yes, I know I’m super metro. 🙂  And for shits and giggles I’ll tell you another thing about me.  I always have an extra dress shirt in my truck because I have a FEAR of spills.  It’s comforting knowing I have a spare in the car. 🙂  And now that I think about it, I REALLY wish I had my mustard Nikes to wear today but oh well, such is life.  Can’t pack everything right?

I’m rambling guys but on a serious note, everyone enjoy your families and friends and please, please, PLEASE party responsibly this Holiday season!  At ALL times for that matter, use a designated driver or hail a  cab or Uber when necessary.  We must do our part in keeping ourselves and others safe!!!!!  – Bobby


Cardigan | H&M

Denim Jacket | Levi’s

Shirt | H&M

Tie | J.Crew

Shoes | Converse

Watch | Timex


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