The “experts” have varying opinions on when, where and how to wear denim on denim, but I say to Hell with all that!  I love denim, so I wear it whenever and however I please.  It started when I was a kid, my Dad wore jeans to work with long sleeved denim shirts because he worked around heavy machinery and welding torches all day.  I always thought it looked cool, so now that denim shirts are designed to be more slim fitting, I’m currently hoarding 5 or 6 of these.  And another 3 short sleeved variations.

Today felt like a laid back, denim on denim, casual, comfy type of day.  Unlike my Dad, I skipped the steel-toed boots and Peterbilt trucker cap, instead opting for a pair of Nikes and a 5 Panel Camo hat.  The pocket square was just because.  If my Dad was here he’d be like “Wow, you ALMOST look like you’re about to go do some REAL work.”  LOL, asshole always had jokes!  RIP Pops!


Cap | Obey

Shirt, Jeans | J.Crew

Pocket Square | Pocket Square Clothing

Shoes | Nike

Watch | Casio

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