Ok from the title you guys know that was “Denim Everything” in Ebonics Speak right? 🙂  Oh yea Happy Good Friday, if you’re into that.  I was supposed to be in Texas until Tuesday but ended up pushing my flight back, so I’ve BEEN ran out of clothes.   But the homies Dre and DJ were having their Round Table Convo event so I had to support since I was here.

As mentioned by the title, I said “fuck it” and went ALL denim… Blazer, shirt AND jeans, to Hell with the “rules” man.  I’m not a big shoe guy.. Wait.. My shoe collection is actually pretty weak to be honest.. So I went with the ole’ faithful Sperry Loafers because once you break them in it’s hard not to wear them.  I think I’ll be rocking these ALL Spring/Summer no matter how beat up they get.  Seriously though, I’m about to step the shoe game up, I gotta do better, my Dad would be so ashamed.  My watch game needs an upgrade as well. 🙁  I went with the checked pocket square just to break up the monotony and give this look a lil “flavor” as my cousin Jeff Jack would say. LOL we SO country.

Ok enough about me, Happy Easter and ya’ll have a great, SAFE weekend.  I think I’m gonna get in these Houston streets with the homies, so I’ll see ya’ll around.  Ya’ll keep living! – Bob




Blazer | Zara

Shirt | Gap

Pocket Square | The Tie Bar

Jeans | Zara

Belt | J.Crew

Shoes | Sperry

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