I never usually write about food posts, I simply post an Instagram photo, but today is different.  I’ve been hearing friends, bloggers and everyone else rave about “Eggslut” for over 2 years now, but  I’m horrible when it actually comes to getting out and trying new things.   My friend Candice was in town so I suggested we head downtown to give it a try before she left.

Eggslut is located in Grand Central Market, parking is intense, but you already knew that.  We got there and I bullshit you not the line is already 30-40 people strong.  Luckily it was mainly 9-5’ers grabbing lunch to go, so it moved along quickly.

Candice had the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and I had the Eggslut cheeseburger w/ avocado and bacon.  It also came with an over-medium egg, which I’ve always been reluctant to try, but when in Rome right?  When I tell you this shit was PHENOMINAL!!!  I can be a bit of of skeptic, cynic, asshole but I promise you this place is as advertised… BOMB!  We ended up getting fries at this place called Berlin Currywurst.  Two guys in line behind us had them and let us try a couple, so you know I took my greedy ass to get my own order as well.  They were AWESOME and their other foods smelled great so I’m sure I’ll be back.

If you’re ever near DTLA or just want to explore a bit, go to Grand Central Market and stuff your face with all of the amazing food.  And tell them Bobby Ray sent ya… Ok, don’t tell them that because they have not a single, solitary clue as to who I am.  HaHa!



Burger and fries

Eggslut Burger

Houston Atros OOTD

Excited in Downtown LA

Jump Kick



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