I wore this red, unstructured blazer to signify the HEAT WAVE that is going down in Los Angeles.  I live in Burbank and on average, it always seem to be 10 degrees warmer here as compared to the city.  This past week I’ve seen a lot of friends and bloggers posting pics in NY for Fashion Week, and I admit I’m a bit jealous, it doesn’t look as hot there!  Not to mention California is in a drought, so it’s pretty dry.

Ok, back to the story.  I bought this blazer from Target back in 2012 while living in New Orleans, but this is my first time wearing it out.  I remember I first walked in and they had all kinds of colors, purple, orange, yellow, teal, etc etc.  I almost didn’t get it because I hated the white buttons.  They’ve grown on me though, although I probably will be finding some replacement buttons for my tailor to switch out for me.

Have a great remainder of your week, do something fun, adventurous, I don’t know, something you’ve been putting off.  I’ve always wanted a good camera to learn a bit about photography with so I recently bought a Canon T5i DSLR.  This is actually the first post I used it for to take photos.  Ok later folks, keep living!  – Bobby


Blazer | Mossimo

Shirt | Stafford

Jeans | Zara

Tie | Robert Stewart

Pocket Square | WalMart

Belt | J.Crew

Shoes | Aldo

Watch | Timex

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