It’s that awkward time of year again, we’re reached the end of Summer and are about to transition into Fall.  I’ve always lived in Texas or Louisiana where it is HOT AS HELL until October.  I’m in California now and it seems to be no different.  I’m actually a bit jealous of the people in cooler climates are probably pulling their Fall essentials from storage and from the backs of their closets.  For me, as long as it’s warm here in Cali, I’ll be wearing my lighter cotton suits until it cools off a bit more.  I’m not sweating my balls off to be “in-season”.

I got this L.L. Bean, olive seersucker joint circa Summer 2011.  I actually saw it first on a Street Etiquette style post, so I kinda sorta borrowed their steez.(I admitted it though)  The color makes it look like something reserved for Fall, but trust me it’s unlined, super light, and comfortable.  I kept it simple with a striped shirt and added a pop of color with the pink plaid tie.


Suit | L.L. Bean

Shirt | H&M

Tie | J.Crew

Tie Clip | The Tie Bar

Belt | Forever 21

Watch | Timex

Shoes | Aldo

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