A couple of weeks ago I’m going through my closet, looking for things to donate and I come across a suit that I can’t believe I still own.  After college I subscribed to GQ and realized you could buy “cheaper” suits, have them tailored and you would end up with “that look” the every man wants but can’t afford.  I found this gray suit for under $200 and after taking it to the tailor, you couldn’t tell me SHIT! 🙂

I titled this post “Nostalgia” because that’s what I feel thinking back to the times when I was beginning to “try” to dress dapper.  I was so conservative, my idea of tailoring consisted of having my slack’s waist and hem taken in. Boring right? 🙁

For historical reasons (wink) instead of donating this suit, I decided to keep it and take it back to the tailor to have it reworked.  The matching slacks are still being altered, so I coupled the jacket with another pair of slacks that I bought around the same time.  *Note to self: Steam this blazer asap!*

Moral of the story, just as we grow as people over time, so will our taste in style.  Change is natural, embrace it.   – Bob


Suit Jacket | Zara

Shirt | H&M

Pocket Square | Pocket Square Clothing

Slacks | Express

Shoes | Nike

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