What’s cracking folks?!  It’s the holiday season which for me means spending quality time with family and friends!  It’s always slow this time of year in LA as far as acting goes, so I decided to spend 3 weeks back in Texas.  24 days to be exact, which had me nervous about packing, because I usually only visit visit for 3-5 days at a time.

I tried to pack as “dapper” as possible while limiting myself to a few select essentials, that I could mix and match during my stay.  It’s so easy to over pack but I’m TRYING to do better.

Here’s what today is looking like:

Brown Blazer


Mustard Shirt

Navy Slacks

Brown and Navy OOTD

I’ll start by saying I’m TIRED of matching suits, they get boring at times.  I prefer suit separates, a blazer/jeans combo so I can mix colors, patterns and fabrics.  I got this Herringbone Blazer at ASOS last Fall, I call it brown, but they’re saying it’s orange.  Whatever.  I almost put on a white shirt, but something told me the mustard would bring everything together, but also would subtly stand out.  If that makes sense?  I got the tie 3 years ago in New Orleans, never worn until today.  Which I do far too often, find something dope and on sale, only to keep it hanging in the closet as it collects dust.  I gotta stop doing that.  The navy chinos I got from H&M last Fall as well for $25!  The dress shoes are the ONLY pair  that made the trip, and I kept the socks simple because there was already enough going on up top.

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to say what you would have done differently!  Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with future posts!  Ya’ll be cool!     – Bobby


Blazer | ASOS

Shirt | H&M

Tie | Urban Outfitters

Tie Bar | The Tie Bar

Chinos | H&M

Pocket Square | Pocket Square Clothing

Shoes | Aldo

Socks and Belt | J.Crew

Watch | Timex

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