Ok, so I’ll keep it 100 with ya’ll…. 5 years ago you wouldn’t find me DEAD in these jeans.  Sheena used to look through my clothes and chastise me because I always would stick to boring denim and grey/black/navy slacks.  So I started to add pops of color into my wardrobe, and it grew on me.  Fast forward to today, I legit have about 20-25 pair of  jeans/chinos I would have never bought had she not went in on me. So to her I say “thanks!” LOL

I went to The Grove a couple months ago, walked into Zara to “look” BUT they had these “peach” looking jeans on sale for $16.  I didn’t want to like them, but after I tried them on, I couldn’t resist.  They also had a “light yellow” color that I copped as well.  I took them to my tailor, had them tapered a bit, and the rest is history!

The denim blazer also came from Zara at The Grove, I got it some time last year.  The material is really stretchy so I went with an extra small to get a super snug fit.

In conclusion…. Fellas, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color, its summer.  Live a little!


Denim Blazer | Zara

T-Shirt | H&M

Chinos | Zara

Pocket Square | Pocket Square Clothing

Watch | Timex

Shoes | Sperry’s

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