Spring is here!  Well…. not to be a d!ck but it’s pretty much ALWAYS Spring here in LA! *LOL I know my East Coast peeps are hating me right now*

I’ve been sick lately and it’s been awhile since I wore a suit look, so I knew a blazer would make me feel better. 🙂

This particular blazer is this weird Olive Green’ish color that I would normally wear in the Fall, but it’s super light so I said f*ck it!  I’m wearing a patterned shirt so I decided to go with the simple Chambray tie and white pocket square.  Any other day of the week I would have worn brown sunglasses but it’s Monday so I’m having fun with the blue Ray Bans!  Plus I’m in a good mood because I’m going to visit the fam in Texas later this week!  Ok enough about me, ya’ll have a good one and keep living! – Bob


Blazer | ASOS

Shirt | Bar III

Tie & Tie Bar | The Tie Bar

Slacks | Zara

Shoes | Aldo

Sunglasses | Ray Ban

Watch | Timex

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