Khaki OOTD


Khaki OOTD

It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks at work for me so I took it slow this past weekend.  I’m off to New Orleans for 5 days for my cousin’s wedding this week and don’t you know that I already have my cheat meals planned for arrival?  Shit’s gonna get REAL disrespectful. 🙂

Anywho, you can never go wrong with joggers, they’re hella comfortable and versatile. I got this khaki shirt from Club Monaco 2 years ago, I kinda hated it but now it’s cool. I’m trying to force myself to wear all the clothes I have that I never wear before I buy new ones. (except for shoes and watches because I gotta step those shits up ASAP!)

I hope ya’ll have a dope Tuesday, keep living!  – Bob


Shirt | Club Monaco

Tee | H&M

Joggers | American Eagle

Shoes | New Balance

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