The good folks over at Hypebeast produced a DOPE feature on my barber JayR.  In the 7 minute clip JayR narrates his come up from cutting friend’s hair out of his parent’s garage to cutting some of today’s greatest NBA stars.  Be sure to check the video below but first let me tell you how I got connected with this guy.

Mid-February 2013 I was a resident of Los Angeles for exactly two weeks.  I’m driving up Fairfax to make some returns to The Beverly Center when I notice “Legends Barber Shop” to my left.  It was at that moment that I knew I f*cked up because I was in dire need of a haircut, and I had no clue as to who was going to give me said haircut.  Side note fellas, when planning across country move, be sure to add “Find a Barber” to your To-Do List.  Just trust me on this.

When I made it back to my apartment I googled Legend’s and they had stellar reviews.  Customers raved about their favorite barbers but I figured I’d give Goose a try since he’s the owner.  You have to be a solid barber if you own the joint right?  I called to set up an appointment but the guy that picked up says “Goose is out for the day but I can cut you if you come by in the next 30 minutes, just ask for JayR.”  I hesitated for a second but I saw a couple positive reviews mentioned JayR, so I said screw it, let’s go.

I walk in, ask for  JayR, I’m pointed to his chair and I notice my boy isn’t black.  I know that sounds racially insensitive but the only reason I thought that is because black people’s hair texture is “different” from others.  Add to the fact that up to this point I’d only received haircuts from black barbers.  That all was about to change though because JayR is Filipino and I needed a haircut asap!  I thoroughly explained what I wanted because I learned a hard lesson when I moved to New Orleans in 2012.  “Different regions have different barber terminology”.  I’ll leave it at that.

Of course the cut was fire because JayR remains my barber to this day, and has become one of my closest friends in the city.  Even with the demands of a celebrity list of clients, he still finds time to take care of the everyman.

Enough of me rambling, check out the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to Hypebeast’s youtube channel.  And if you’re ever in LA and in need of grooming, head over to The Fairfax District and holla at my bro JayR.  Ya’ll keep living!  – Bob

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