Yes, I know I’m late, but on February 15th, I turned 25..… Again.

Thanks for all of the birthday posts, texts, calls and well wishes. I didn’t plan anything because it’s hard to get people out so close to Valentines. At one point, considered doing a beach, flag football game, or having a paintball war, but procrastination is real. Luckily, I have a couple of people that surprised me with Birthday plans.

Candice took me to Catalina Island for a day of exploration. It was a bit cool, so we didn’t bother with the outdoor activities. But we did eat a lot of food, and down a few drinks. Then we took a long stroll and enjoyed the scenery while we talked about random things. Like how much money a drug dealer could make there because they didn’t screen any luggage on the ferry ride over.


I don’t know why people talk down on Catalina, it’s pretty dope to me. It reminds me of a small, European coastal city. I’ve never been to Europe, but that’s what it reminds me of.

The next morning, I thought we were going to Marina Del Rey for brunch, but to my surprise, my girl Sarah had a brunch cruise planned for me. I had a blast and ended up drunk, even though I told these misfits I needed to stay sober so I could write later. Peer pressure.


Life has been a bit…. Nah, fuck that, let’s keep it a buck….. Life has been HEEEEELLA stressful for ya boy here lately, so I’m glad I was able to unwind, laugh and spend time with close friends.

Again, thanks for thinking about me on my born date, ya’ll keep living!

– Bob

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