“Summer, summer, summer tiiiiime, summer tiiiiiiime!”  Ok, ok, that was mad corny!

When the temperatures rises, you gotta opt for lighter suits.  I love this khaki one that I got from J.Crew last summer.

My initial thought was to subdue the polka dot pocket square and pin dot tie with a solid white dress shirt, but today I said “fuck it” and opted for a patterned shirt as well.

Brown shoes are my default, so I went with black loafers to switch it up.  The trendy shoe of choice right now is the tassel loafer, but I stay away from trends as much as possible, fuck being a follower! (Same reason i don’t wear multiple bracelets and lapel pins/flowers that most guys are flocking to)


Suit | J.Crew

Shirt | Bar III

Tie | Calvin Klein

Pocket Square, Tie Clip | The Tie Bar

Belt| Forever XXI

Watch,  Shoes | Kenneth Cole

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