My birthday was February 15th and per usual I had no clue what to do.  2014 was a crazy year for me, lots of ups and downs, so I knew I wanted to do something chill this year.  Plus my birthday is so close to Valentine’s that I never get as great of a turnout as I normally would, so I figured I’d do something random.  I had Skymiles to burn so I decided I was going to New York with no “concrete” plans other than roaming around the city, maybe hit a comedy show and chill with my NY homies that I never see.  I told my friend Candice and she invited herself(lol) but at least I had someone to acompany me.  The cold pretty much ruined EVERYTHING, and I know my Mom will smile when she sees this because she was worried and told me a million times not to go.   I couldn’t even bring myself to drag my friends out in the crappy weather but shoutout to Raven and Shalena who managed to somehow meet us at Starbucks for a hot cocoa party. 🙂    I did a little vlogging but holding a camera in 8 degree weather was not a good look, so here are a few moments I did capture.  And oh yea, I got to see Christina!  I hadn’t seen her since I graduated college, which was like 10 years ago’ish…  Sheesh I’m getting OLD!  Despite the weather I had a blast and I’d do it all over again!

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