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Easter OOTD

Easter Family Dinner

Man…….. What…. A….. Week….  What was supposed to be a simple few days in the country turned into an extra 5 days in Houston.  I ended up sick as a dog, I lost my voice and THEN my agent and manager BOTH hit me up with auditions that needed to be taped and sent back to LA asap!  Next came my first ever Sinus Headache.

With all of that going on all I was thinking was “I didn’t pack for 5 extra days, what the Hell am I going to wear for Easter?!”  I know, I know “Soooooo metro of you Bobby” as my ex-boss Melissa would say.  *** Love ya Mel! 😉

Luckily I threw these plaid chinos in the garment bag just before I left LA.  *Here I have to give backstory on these pants that I love, so bear with me.*  I randomly caught them on sale during Docker’s end of Summer sale last season.   They were like $30 AND they had my size.  Well… they had a size 33 waist when I’m a 30, and the length was a 34″ and I’m a 30″. (And then I have them shortened to about a 28.5″ to make them flood lol)

My tailor worked his magic and now they fit perfect.  Quick tip, if you order a size up in the waist, pay close attention to the buttocks of your pants.  It you’re “lacking” back there, once the tailor takes the waist in it can make the seat of your pants look awkward…. Like “you didn’t make it to the toilet in time” awkward.  Me myself I don’t have that problem, so when I go up in waist size the seat of my pants always work out fine.  Sorry to go there guys I’m just giving honest testimony here, now back to the story.

I ended up doing a repeat with the denim blazer becasue I only had 2 with me and the Chambray one didn’t look right with the pants.  I would have preferred to have a collared white shirt but this mandarin collared dress shit was the only one I packed that would subdue the plaid slacks.  I desperately wish I had actual dress shoes with me but the Sperrys was all I had, so they had to suffice.  Overall I think it “worked” and I got plenty of compliments at Church (don’t hate Candice haha) so maybe I shouldn’t overthink things?

All things considered, it was a great trip and I was able to scarf down some soul food with Candice’s family before heading back to LA, so I couldn’t complain if I wanted to.  I won’t be back in Texas for a while so the extra days were appreciated.  I hope you all had a great Easter and until next time, keep living! – Bob


Blazer | Zara

Shirt | H&M

Pocket Square | The Tie Bar

Chinos | Dockers

Belt | J.Crew

Shoes | Sperry

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