What up guys, I hope all is well in your world!  Everything’s good on my end, on February 15th I celebrated another year of life on Planet Earth.  Not sure if you guys saw the vlog from last year’s Birthday Shenanigans, but with that in mind I decided to keep it simple this time.

Before we get into it, here’s me looking a year older.

Casual Weekend OOTD for Brunch

First we headed to Inglewood for brunch at The Serving Spoon.  It was BOMB, for a second I thought I was back in Texas… Minus the Southern accents.

Fried Catfish Brunch from The Serving Spoon

We then hid from the sun for awhile and caught a few episodes of Better Call Saul, before heading to Bludso’s BBQ, the Hollywood location.  I suppose it comes at no surprise that my plans pretty much revolved around food huh?

We met up with these dope ass folks that I’m lucky to call friends.

Birthday Dinner With Friends

We stuffed out faces with the following…

Birthday Dinner at Bludso's BBQ

And this…..

BBQ Dinner Site Items

This is what you will find in your phone when you ask my friends to take a picture for you. SMH

Friends Taking Silly Selfie

Candice was annoyed because I was cracking jokes and ruining pictures.

Joking Around Before Taking Picture

I finally stopped and we got a decent one.

Date Night Picture

Then we waited for Uber.  No drinking and driving over here and neither should you.  That shit is HELLA wack.

Waiting for Uber

The next day we went hiking.

Candice Hiking Runyon

This is my “Why did we decide to do this in 90 degree weather” face.

Water Break During Runyon Hike

That pretty much sums it up, simple and stressless, with minimal planning.  Thanks to all that made it out and a sincere thank you to everyone that took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday via Facebook, text or phone call…  God Bless the ladies that sent DMs.  Kiddiiiiiing!!! 🙂

Ya’ll keep living!

– Bobby Ray

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