Ava Duvernay’s latest project – 13th – is the one that got me off my blogging sabbatical.  I watched it twice last week and when I say must see, I mean MUST see.  It’d be more effective to show this 90 minute film in schools instead of the watered down, inaccurate African-American history that is currently pushed.  And given America’s current social climate, 13th couldn’t have dropped at a better time.

If you’re one of the Facebookers that says things like “it’s not that bad in America, slavery has been over, get over it, the system is not against you, everyone faces injustice, blah blah blah” this film is for you.  It factually addresses the systematic oppression that people of color face every day and it is not the same.

To my fellow people of color, this documentary should be a call to action.  We gotta stop falling for the same traps, and I’m not talking about showing up to vote and “fixing” our communities.  I’m talking about from the ground up, we need to fix our households, and fellas, that begins with us.  We need to be informed and involved with what’s going on at home because that’s what we send out into the community.  We gotta take care of our ladies, raise our kids, educate ourselves and educate each other.  We gotta eat better and exercise more so we can live longer.  We gotta stop “stunting” and make sound, long-term financial decisions.  It makes absolutely no sense that people are willing to insure their iPhones but not their life.  I’ll stop for now because I feel a rant coming on, I’ll save that for another series of posts.

Back to the topic, check out 13th on Netflix ASAP and let me know what you think.

Ya’ll keep living!


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