Chicken & Waffles from Preux & Proper

Preux & Proper

On a Friday evening back in January, the homies and I had a great dinner at a New Orleans themed restaurant called Preux & Proper.  **An aside for my New Oleans peeps, after living in your city for a year back in 2012, I know how defensive you get in regards to your culture.  By no means am I saying Preux & Proper is 100% accurate in it’s depiction of said culture… So relax 🙂

Chicken & Waffles from Preux & Proper

Back to the story.  This past weekend I went back for brunch and decided to give the chicken and waffles a try.  I could have used more seasoning on the chicken but it wasn’t bland, it was good overall.  The buttermilk cornbread waffle is what stood out to me, it was as if a waffle and Jiffy cornbread had a love child.  It’s topped with roasted pecans, melted butter and warm syrup, sooooo bomb!


I don’t remember the name of the cocktail I had, but I know there was bourbon, lime juice, and ginger beer involved.  I don’t remember the rest of the ingredients, all I know is it was hella good and if you’re the bourbon type like myself, you’d love it!

Beignets from Preux & Proper

For dessert we went with the cinnamon toast crunch beignets which were super sweet and full of flavor.  I admit, I prefer their dinner menu because there’s more options, but if you’re ever in Downtown LA and have a craving for some cajun cuisine, give Preux & Proper a look.  Downstairs gives more of the social scene vibes, complete with table top games, music, a bar as well as countless options from the daquiri machines.  Upstairs is laid back and intimate, making it the perfect location for a great date night.

Ya’ll go vote and keep living!


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