Baby Boy's First Month
Baby Boy's First Month

All the cliches are true, it went REALLY fast. The 1st couple of weeks were a breeze because Candice’s parents drove out to give us a hand while she recovered. It got REAL when they left, WHEW! It’s been fun though, we’re going with the flow and figuring out what works best for us….. although I think Candice is milking this “recovery” a bit – wink wink – and yes ya’ll can tell her I said that haha!

One Month Check Up
Dad And Son

The biggest challenge for me has been trying to find time get back to doing creative things. I’ve been tinkering with a couple script ideas, but it’s not easy to get into a writing groove while balancing a newborn with cooking, cleaning, work, land-lording and working out. I know it’ll get easier once Candice is 100% back on her feet, but until then, the marathon continues.

Sweet Dreams
Milk Drunk Baby

I’ve been wanting to take nursery photos but I couldn’t find the style of curtain rods I wanted. Before you judge, yes, it’s that serious for me! Candice makes fun of me but I hate settling for things I don’t like, my buyer’s remorse is on another level. The style I wanted actually restocked last week, so hopefully I can get them up this weekend.

Baby Bath Time
Bath Time

Carter’s doing well, he’s eating and growing like crazy, he amazes us by the day. He does this thing where we’ll feed and burp him, and sometimes he’ll fall asleep, but other times he’ll “fake sleep” and then crack open one of his eyes to see if we’re watching him, then he’ll smile. I think he can sense when we’re worn out and sleep deprived, that’s when he really chuckles and it’s SOOOOO not funny.

Feeding Baby
One Month Letterboard

So far, he’s also only given me 1 golden shower, I think he got his Mom twice. She has a few more days of recovery and then we can figure some more things out. I know she’s been itching to get back to working out, it’ll be cramped in the “garage boxing dungeon” that I built since we canceled our gym memberships.

Burping The Baby

Thus far, being a Dad is bomb. I’ve waited my entire life to meet this kid I’m enjoying it.

Ya’ll be cool and keep living.


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