Proud Dad with son

I still can’t believe it. It’s been a wild ride the past few weeks, so this post will be all over the place, just as life has been.

Carter James Cauley was born on August 4th, at 6:26pm. ***I know, he doesn’t have a hat on, he’d just taken it off so I snapped the shot real quick.***

Newborn with Letter board
Black Doctors Matter
Our friend Nicole delivered the kiddo. Black OBGYNs matter, more on that later.
Dad cuts umbilical cord
Proud Dad with son

Quick rewind, Carter’s due date was actually August 1st, but he threw us a curve ball on July 10th. We went in for a checkup/ultrasound, and they decided to admit us because it looked like he was trying to come early.

Writing Before Delivery
“Writing” to pass time…. I was more than likely procrastinating.

4 long days later, nothing……. Candice was on a clear liquid/ice chip diet, so she was exhausted.

Pregnancy False Alarm

So they discharged us. It was a false alarm. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. My thoughts were racing with excitement and anticipation, but I was concerned as well.

Years ago, I lost a daughter early in the 2nd trimester. Outside of my Mom, Dad and a few close friends and family, I never talked much about it. The past several months, it’s been heavy on my mind. I kept wondering, “what if something goes wrong?” I don’t know if it’s normal for parents that’s been through similar situations to have those types of thoughts, but I did, and I didn’t want Candice to pick up on it and stress her even more.

Having a kid during a pandemic has been stressful enough. Candice was stuck in the house, other than neighborhood walk and doctors appointments. I wasn’t allowed to attend some of those appointments, often times I had to wait in the car. We couldn’t have an in-person baby shower nor could we have family in the hospital with us on delivery day. I lost 2 aunts within weeks of each other and I couldn’t get back to Texas for their funerals. That really sucked.

We did make the best of our circumstances by having a virtual baby shower. Funny thing is we almost didn’t go through with it, it felt like we were being a burden when we’re all facing such uncertain times. We were shocked to receive so many gifts and well-wishes, we couldn’t have scripted a more reassuring outcome. You should all have your thank you notes by now, but thanks to everyone that was able to attend!

Baby Bump
It’s blurry, but you get the picture.
Baby Shower Gifts
So many gifts!

All things considered, I’m thankful the delivery went well and we’re all healthy.

Ya’ll be cool. And keep living.


Dad in Delivery Room

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